High-Speed Camera Rentals And Service
Aimed Research provides the lowest rental rates in the industry. Currently, we provide high-speed video capabilities with multiple industry-leading brands including Vision Research Phantom cameras and Photron Fastcams.  All camera systems come with professionally-selected quality lenses to suit your application.

Schlieren Imaging
Affordable high-speed schlieren imaging for ballistic applications is now within reach. Formerly schlieren and shadowgraph capabilities were confined to the laboratories and proving grounds of government spark ranges and aerospace giants. Aimed Research is providing this service to our customers with high-speed imaging capabilities for dynamic visualization of invisible phenomena like pressure waves, heat and chemical gradients. This has opened up the door to the little-known arena of intermediate - transitional ballistics.

Sub-Microsecond Photography
Our 500 nanosecond photography, equivalent to 1/2,000,000th of a second exposure, using DSLR cameras provides greater resolution and depth of field over any professional high-speed video camera. Aimed Research can acquire multiple camera angles of the exact same moment for time-slicing or "bullet-time" perspectives. Strobe-lit photographs can be acquired showing a projectile at two points along its trajectory.  For specialized applications, please inquire about a 270ns option.

Data Acquisition Rental Solutions
Aimed Research now offers data acquisition rental solutions to accompany our high-speed cameras.  If your team doesn't have the experience or the instrumentation to capture the data you need, then consider our rentals of USB-Data Acquisition Devices, Pressure and Acoustic Sensors, Accelerometers, Sound Level Meters, and Optical Detectors with the technical support and research experience to find the solution.  The data from these devices and sensors can be captured with video frame and exposure markers for enhanced measurement capabilities and data validation.

Alternative Imaging Solutions
Aimed Research can provide knowledge regarding various alternative imaging solutions including high-speed x-ray video and high-speed video projectile tracking.  Though not currently available to our customers, contact Aimed Research for potential applications.

High-speed x-ray video incorporates the speed of common high-speed cameras with common x-ray technology.  The imaging speed is mainly limited by the intensifying screen decay rate and intensity gain which has a direct relationship on the camera's exposure. Pulsed x-ray sources limit frame rate and should be properly synchronized with camera frame captures.  Contact Aimed Research for potential applications.

High-speed video projectile tracking is generally an expensive capability.  Aimed Research is working towards a low-cost alternative for our customers.  High-speed video projectile tracking allows for longer exposures since the camera system is following the projectile.  The main motion in view is the usually unimportant background as the projectile remains relatively centered in view.  This advantage allows for a smaller lens aperture, sharper images, and the ability to view the projectile over greater distances. Contact Aimed Research for potential future applications.

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