NAC Memrecam HX-3 Ultra High-Speed Camera

Image Sensor: Color
Lens Mount: Nikon F-Mount
Max Resolution: 2560x1920
Image Bit Depth: 12, 10, or 8 Bit (Selectable)
Sensor Size: 28.2mm x 21.1mm
Pixel Size: 11um
Pixel Size: 22um (GXC On)

Memory: 32GB

Full Resolution Frame Rate: 2,000 fps (2560x1920)
1080HD Frame Rate: 4,670 fps (2048x1088)
720HD Frame Rate: 10,230 fps (1280x720)
SVGA Frame Rate: 15,xxx fps (800x600)
VGA Frame Rate: 28,310 fps (640x480)
QVGA Frame Rate: 105,800 fps (320x240)
Max Frame Rate: 1.3 Million fps (320x8)
Additional Variable Frame Rates Available.

Fastest Exposure: <1 Microsecond
General Pricing

Offered through Motion Capture And Analysis Technologies.

Please call for pricing or fill out the Contact Form.

NAC Memrecam HX-3
2560x1920 Max Resolution

Vision Research Phantom v611
1280x800 Max Resolution

Vision Research Phantom v642
2560x1600 Max Resolution
Multiple Cameras Available For Multi-Camera Synchronized Imaging

Photron BC2-HD
2048x2048 Max Resolution

Vision Research Miro LC320S (Hand-Held)
1920x1200 Max Resolution

Mikrotron EoSens 3CXP (Long Record)
1696x1710 Max Resolution

Fastec Imaging TS3Cine (Hand-Held)
1280x1024 Max Resolution

EVT HS-2000 (Long Record)
2048x1088 Max Resolution

Casio Exilim EX-F1 (Hand-Held, Long Record)
512x384 Max Resolution (High-Speed Mode)

Nikon D850

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