High-Speed Cameras For Sale

The Slow Motion Camera Company
FPS1000HD (New Sales, All Options)
FPS2000 (4K UHD, 1080 FHD, and 720 HD versions - Now Available)
FPS4000 (4K UHD, 1080 FHD, and 720 HD versions - Coming Soon)

Fastec Imaging
TS3Cine (Used, Notice Upon Availability)

Fastcam BC2-HD (Used, Notice Upon Availability)

Vision Research
Phantom v611 (Used, Notice Upon Availability)

The Slow Motion Camera Company FPS1000HD High-Speed Camera 

The world's most affordable high-speed camera, the perfect step-up from the usual consumer high-speed cameras, is now available for sale or rent from Aimed Research. This camera sits in a niche of its own when you consider the long-record times made possible by the 64GB or 256GB memory.  Most high-speed cameras are limited to a few seconds of record time while the FPS1000HD captures for minutes!

The camera features 1,000fps performance at full 720HD resolution, variable resolution and frame rates, 12-Bit image depth, a rear touch-screen LCD, USB 3.0 connectivity with control software, high-speed captures saved as high-quality raw DNG files (Adobe Digital Negative), and a C-Mount for inexpensive lenses which also adapts to many other lens mounts such as Nikon and Canon.  The camera is portable, battery-powered, and lightweight.

Request an exclusive quote through Aimed Research.  Ask about Seal The Deal specials and Cut The Cost used lens options.

Rental payments up to $100 per business day will be credited towards your purchase if purchased within 30 days of the end of your rental.

Download FPS1000HD Data Sheet


Fastec Imaging TS3Cine High-Speed Camera (Used, $4500) 
The Fastec Imaging TS3Cine is an extremely affordable stand-alone high-speed camera.  The 256GB internal solid-state drive allows fast saves of the camera's memory in fast-paced work environments.  The camera can be controlled from the rear LCD, a web browser, or the FasMotion software on Mac or PC.  The camera sports an on-board USB port, SD card slot, and Ethernet connectivity.  The TS3Cine model stands out from the standard TS3 model by its native Nikon F lens mount or PL mount.

Please email for details of included items.

Download Fastec TS3Cine Data Sheet

Vision Research Phantom v611 High-Speed Camera (Used)  

Used Vision Research Phantom v611 high-speed camera packages may be available for sale.  Please inquire about availability details.

Key Features:
1280x800 Color Image Sensor
Nearly 7,000fps at 720HD
FAST Option
1-Million FPS maximum frame rate at reduced resolution
Exposures as fast as 285 nanoseconds
CineMag Compatible
Nikon F-Mount
Dual HD-SDI Outputs

Download Phantom v611 Data Sheet
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