High-Speed Cameras For Sale

Vision Research
Phantom v642 (Used)

Fastcam BC2 (Used)

Fastec Imaging
TS5-Q (Used) Contact for Specs, Pictures, Demo, and Pricing
TS3Cine (Used)

i-Speed 3 (Used) Contact for Specs, Pictures, Demo, and Pricing

Vision Research Phantom v642 
Color - 16GB

Price $20,000
Condition: Camera operates as intended with no known issues.
Sale of the camera may include a Nikon F-mount, Arri PL-mount, or C-mount.  Camera kit includes 16ft Ethernet Cable, Power Supply, Break-Out-Box, Sound/Light/Motion Trigger, Push-Button Trigger, RCU, Remote Cable (for RCU), RCU Power Supply, and Control Software.

The Phantom v642 sports a 4MP 2560x1600 image sensor with a 6Gpx/s throughput. The Phantom v642 is the broadcast version of the famous Phantom Flex 2K. It has a mechanical shutter for automated black reference calibrations before each video capture. The dual HD-SDI outputs allow streaming of the captured video immediately after video capture.

Photron Fastcam BC2-HD 
Color - 32GB

Price $18,000
Condition: Camera functions as intended with no known issues.
Sale of the camera will include a Nikon F-mount.  Camera kit includes Power Supply, 30ft Ethernet Cable, Push-Button Trigger, Sound/Light/Motion Trigger, 30ft Ethernet Cable, Control Software, and Pelican Case.

The Fastcam BC2-HD is 4 megapixel 2048x2048, 12-Bit color camera.  It has superior color interpolation down to the fine pixel detail.  It has dual HD-SDI outputs for broadcast/streaming of captured video.  The 1080HD max frame rate is 2,000fps.  The max 720HD frame rate is 3,750fps.

Fastec Imaging TS3Cine 
Color - 8GB - 256GB Solid State Drive

Price $6,000
Condition: Issue accepting factory batteries (Bescor 98Wh batteries are included and work fine), IR filter was replaced about two years ago.
Sale of the camera will include a Nikon F-mount and Arri PL-Mount.  Camera kit includes Combat Cage for multiple mounting points and handles, Power Supply, Bescor Lithium-Ion 98Wh batteries and chargers, Bescor Y-Splitter (Hot-Swap Power), I/O Function Cable, BNC Push-Button Trigger, and Pelican 1560 Case with custom PE foam.

The Fastec TS3Cine is a 1.3 megapixel 1280x1024, 10-Bit color camera.  It has an extremely fast workflow for saving to the internal SSD; it takes about 40 seconds to save an 8GB partition. It has HDMI output, SD card slot, USB port, and Ethernet connectivity.  The full sensor 1280x1024 frame rate is 510fps.  The 720HD max frame rate is 725fps.  The maximum frame rate is 60,000fps.
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