EVT HS-2000 High-Speed Camera - 10GigE

Image Sensor: Color
Lens Mount: C-Mount
Max Resolution: 2048x1088
Image Bit Depth: 10 or 8 (Selectable)
Sensor Size: --mm x --mm
Pixel Size: 5.5um

Memory: Streams directly to portable computer for very long recording sessions.

Full Resolution Frame Rate: 338 fps (2048x1088)
1080HD Frame Rate: 338 (2048x1088)
720HD Frame Rate: 507 fps (1280x720)
SVGA Frame Rate: 607 fps (800x600)
VGA Frame Rate: 754 fps (640x480)
QVGA Frame Rate: 1,471 fps (320x240)
Max Frame Rate: N/A
Additional Variable Frame Rates Available.

Fastest Exposure: 10 Microseconds

Download Data Sheet
General Pricing

Offered through Motion Capture And Analysis Technologies.

Please call for pricing or fill out the Contact Form.

NAC Memrecam HX-3
2560x1920 Max Resolution

Vision Research Phantom v710
1280x800 Max Resolution

Vision Research Phantom v611
1280x800 Max Resolution

Vision Research Phantom v642
2560x1600 Max Resolution

Photron Fastcam SA4
1024x1024 Max Resolution

Photron BC2-HD
2048x2048 Max Resolution

Vision Research Miro LC320S (Hand-Held)
1920x1200 Max Resolution

FPS2000-1080 (Hand-Held, Long Record)
1920x1080 Max Resolution

Mikrotron EoSens 3CXP (Long Record)
1696x1710 Max Resolution

Chronos 1.4 (Hand-Held)
1280x1024 Max Resolution

FPS1000HD (Hand-Held, Long Record)
1280x720 Max Resolution

Fastec Imaging TS3Cine (Hand-Held)
1280x1024 Max Resolution

EVT HS-2000 (Long Record)
2048x1088 Max Resolution

Casio Exilim EX-F1 (Hand-Held, Long Record)

512x384 Max Resolution (High-Speed Mode)

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