1080HD High-Speed Cameras

Below you shall find a useful survey of current technology in terms of high-speed full 1080HD cameras from various manufacturers.  The list is compiled of the fastest camera capable of at least 1920x1080 from each notable manufacturer.

The fastest 1080HD high-speed camera is the iX Cameras' i-Speed 726 which shoots 12,742fps at 1920x1080.  The fastest cameras may not be the best choices.  Many variables have to be considered with high resolution captures such as record duration, bit depth, file type, file size, save time, light sensitivity, exposure, and overall image quality.

Model and Manufacturer

Vision Research
Phantom v2640

Phantom v1840

IDT (Integrated Design Tools)

iX Cameras
i-Speed 726

Memrecam HX-1
Memrecam HX-3

BC2 (Discont.)

The Slow Motion Camera Co

Sanstreak Corp.
Edgertronic SC2X


2048 X 1952 (Max Res.)
2048 x 1080
1920 x 1080

2048 x 1952 (Max Res.)
1920 x 1080

1920x1080 (Max. Res.)

2048 x 1536 (Max. Res.)
1920 x 1080

2560 x 1920 (Max. Res.)
1920 x 1080

2048 x 2048 (Max. Res.)
2048 x 1080
1920 x 1080

 1920x1080 (Max. Res.)

1920x1088 (Max. Res.)

Frame Rate

6,600 fps
11,700 fps
11,750 fps

4,510 fps
8,570 fps

12,300 fps

8,512 fps
12,742 fps

2,000 fps
4,670 fps

1,080 fps
2,000 fps
2,000 fps

2,000 fps

1,910 fps
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