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High-Speed Camera Rentals And Service
Aimed Research provides the lowest rental rates in the industry. What our competitors charge per day is what we will likely charge per week. If needed, we will attempt to beat any quote for comparable systems. Currently, we provide high-speed video capabilities with multiple Phantom v12.1 HD color cameras (max 1280x800 resolution) with frame rates up to 1,000,000 frames per second and exposures as fast as 290 nanoseconds. Frame rates at 1280x720 high-definition are greater than 6,700fps. Our entry-level camera is the Phantom v5.1 color model (1,200fps at 1024x1024 resolution and frame rates up to 95,000).  Soon to be available is the IDT Y5 HDiablo which is a 10-bit, 5 megapixel (2560x1920) color camera excellent for all those high-speed promotional videos and commercials.

Schlieren Imaging
Affordable high-speed schlieren imaging for ballistic applications is now within reach. Formerly schlieren and shadowgraph capabilities were confined to the laboratories and proving grounds of government spark ranges and aerospace giants. Aimed Research is providing this service to our customers with high-speed imaging capabilities for dynamic visualization of invisible phenomena like pressure waves, heat and chemical gradients. This has opened up the door to the little-known arena of intermediate - transitional ballistics.

Sub-Microsecond Photography
Our 500 nanosecond photography, equivalent to 1/2,000,000th of a second exposure, using DSLR cameras provides greater resolution and depth of field over any professional high-speed video camera. Aimed Research can acquire multiple camera angles of the exact same moment for time-slicing or "bullet-time" perspectives. Strobe-lit photographs can be acquired showing a projectile at two points along its trajectory.

For our Quick-Quote Price Schedule (Rentals and On-Site Service Pricing), click the link below:
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