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Kron Technologies Chronos 1.4 High-Speed Camera
The time has come!  Now you can own a powerful high-speed video camera without breaking the bank.  What would have cost over $10,000 for comparable performance elsewhere is now tagged at $2,999.  The Chronos 1.4 is the new benchmark for value.  The Chronos 1.4 sports a 1280x1024 12-Bit image sensor, 8GB to 16GB of RAM, frame rates over 21,000fps, and exposures as fast as 2µs.  The max 720HD frame rate is over 1,500fps.  With appropriate sunlight or lighting, the Chronos 1.4 can capture many types of ballistic events. The camera is portable, battery-powered, and lightweight.  With the CS/C lens mounts, the user will be able to purchase inexpensive, yet high-quality lenses or adapt to many common lens types (Canon, Nikon, etc.).  Demand is high so inquiry about potential lead-times before ordering.

Request an exclusive quote through Aimed Research.  Ask about Seal The Deal specials and Cut The Cost used lens options.

Rental payments up to $100 per business day will be credited towards your purchase if purchased within 30 days of the end of your rental.

Download Chronos 1.4 Data Sheet

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