Kron Technologies Chronos 1.4 High-Speed Camera


Image Sensor: Color or Mono
Lens Mount: CS/C-Mount*
Max Resolution: 1280x1024
Image Bit Depth: 12 Bit
Sensor Size: 8.45mm x 6.76mm
Pixel Size: 6.6um

On-Board Memory: 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB RAM
Removable Memory: SD Card Slot, USB Port

Full Resolution Frame Rate: 1,057 fps (1280x1024)
1080HD Frame Rate: N/A
720HD Frame Rate: 1,502 fps (1280x720)
Max Frame Rate: 38,565 fps

Fastest Exposure:  2 Microseconds

*Aimed Research has created a camera-specific MFT (Micro 4/3) speed booster mount.

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General Pricing

Order your new camera today! Purchase a new Chronos 1.4 from Aimed Research starting at $2,999 and ask about Seal The Deal specials!  Rental payments up to $50 per business day (limit $400) will be credited towards your purchase if purchased within 30 days from the end of your rental.

All rental prices include camera, lens,  battery, and available triggering devices. Tripod, lighting, lamp stands, extra batteries, and additional lenses are an additional one-time fee regardless of rental duration.

Pricing is dependent on shipping zone.
$200 minimum camera rental required.

Zone 1 (One-day ground transit)
$100 per day
$500 per week

Zone 2 (Two-day ground transit)
$125 per day
$575 per week

Zone 3 (Three-day ground or air transit)
$150 per day
$650 per week

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Lighting List

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