Aimed Research
High-Speed Imaging

Aimed Research is the emerging specialist in high-speed imaging for ballistic applications and beyond. Aimed Research provides the lowest prices in the industry for high-speed camera rentals and on-site service.

Our complete Phantom high-speed camera rental packages for 1 million frame per second performance are:
  • $700 Or Less* For A Single Day
  • $2,000 Or Less* For A 7-Day Week ($286 Per Day)
  • Includes Camera System, Tripod, Lenses, Computer, Lighting, & Delivery
  • Rental Customers Are Now Presented Free Instructional Videos
  • Additionally, Data Acquisition Rentals Are Available - Pressure Sensors, Accelerometers, Optical Detectors, USB-Based Data Capture Devices, and Technical Support
*Prices are reduced for non-hazardous applications, multiple week rentals, and repeat customers in good standing (history of equipment care and on-time payment).  Most first-time customers qualify for reduced pricing.

Our additional capabilities exceed the usual with the ability to provide high-speed schlieren imaging in-house with multiple single-pass setups. These capabilities are similar to spark range shadowgraphy but are enhanced by the power of high-speed cameras for dynamic visualization.

“Who fails his knowledge to increase is sure to see his knowledge cease.”
This quote by Hillel frames our mission: to advance our customers knowledge, to keep our customers at the peak of their discipline, and to continue to serve our customers with excellence.

High-Speed Photography, High-Resolution Work Sample



For consumer-level cheap high-speed camera options, customers are referred to the Casio Exilim EX-F1 or Nikon J1 cameras.  See our Low-Priced Options page for details and the best places to buy.
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